01 Mar

Easter Macarons 2019

Well getting Easter ready!!  Macarons3

Macarons have always been a popular Pastry Lane product.  Most people so do not like making them, but after a bit, (well quite a bit of practice I don’t find them daunting anymore.  It’s just a about getting the consistency just that tiny bit perfect.

I will post on my instagram stories shortly more shots of me making them.

In the meantime, I have sourced some different boxes although not your traditional macaron boxes I still love them.  They house 8 macarons, 4 different flavours, which are to die for.  My family has approved all as they are my harshest critics and if they say they are great, they are GREAT.

Turkish Delight, Lemon (with real lemon zest, Chocolate & Cinnamon, Pistachio with real homemade pistachio paste.  So you get 2 flavours of each.

If you prefer the clear boxes where you can see your goodies inside, I have those available too.  They both contain same flavours & quantities.


If you have any questions, please contact me via my contact page or via FB or insta.

Lana x

Macarons1 Macarons2

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