18 Nov

Christmas 2020

What a year its been!  Thankfully for us in Melbourne, we can hopefully celebrate Christmas after the year we’ve had. I know its mid November but I, like so many others I feel this year, I have put up my Christmas tree and getting into the spirit a little earlier than usual. What a better way to make ourselves feel a little better by getting into the spirit a little earlier.  Bring on the festivities I say. We deserve it!

And so I’ve started a little Christmas baking already. 2020 Gingerbread houses will be available shortly.  Working on how to decorate my Gingerbread houses this year. What do you think? Full White, Red & Green, Pastel, Traditional Gingerbread & piping?

Gingerbread house pic

01 Mar

Easter Macarons 2019

Well getting Easter ready!!  Macarons3

Macarons have always been a popular Pastry Lane product.  Most people so do not like making them, but after a bit, (well quite a bit of practice I don’t find them daunting anymore.  It’s just a about getting the consistency just that tiny bit perfect.

I will post on my instagram stories shortly more shots of me making them.

In the meantime, I have sourced some different boxes although not your traditional macaron boxes I still love them.  They house 8 macarons, 4 different flavours, which are to die for.  My family has approved all as they are my harshest critics and if they say they are great, they are GREAT.

Turkish Delight, Lemon (with real lemon zest, Chocolate & Cinnamon, Pistachio with real homemade pistachio paste.  So you get 2 flavours of each.

If you prefer the clear boxes where you can see your goodies inside, I have those available too.  They both contain same flavours & quantities.


If you have any questions, please contact me via my contact page or via FB or insta.

Lana x

Macarons1 Macarons2

06 Jan

New to 2019 – Dessert Platters

Bringing in the New Year always makes you think on new and prosperous resolutions and reflections of the year that was.  My year was an interesting one and one that has inspired me to focus on Pastry Lane even more so.  Having visited some beautiful places this year like Thessalonika, Athens and Santorini in Greece and Paris and all that it has to offer (well not all, but tasted some beautiful sweets and visited some inspiring places) I’d come back home ready to continue doing what I love and taking Pastry Lane on it’s own little adventure.


This year Pastry Lane would like to start serving up Dessert Platters.  What does this mean? Well it’s presenting my sweets based upon your order on beautiful boards all ready for you to share with your family and friends for celebrations and special occasions. No preparation required by you at all.  Your board or platter will be ready displayed with sweets, flowers or fresh fruit, wrapped in cellophane for beautiful presentation.

Some are displayed below.  A minimum of 3 different desserts have more of a WOW factor than a single dessert but still possible. Boards are hired out with desserts and full refund on board once returned.

PL pic2 PL pic3 PL pic4

Picture 1: Lemon Blondies

Picture 2: Almond & Glace Ginger Tart, Rhubarb & Ginger Cake, Raspberry Shortbread

Picture 3: Nutella Brownies, Carrot Cakes with Lemon Icing


I hope you are just as excited as I am about receiving or taking a platter like this to your guests as a gift or showcasing your purchased desserts to your guests in this fashion.

So next time you think of hosting a party, think of Pastry Lane desserts and the service of providing your desserts all ready for you, displayed beautifully for you to make your WOW statement.


Until I hear from you then, enjoy!

x Lana

11 Apr

Game of Thrones Cake

As I sit here typing I can see a Throne sitting pretty on my wire cake stand. This prompted me to share with you the creation of my son’s birthday cake.  He is an avid GOT (Game of Thrones) fan so when I asked him “What cake would you like for your birthday this year?” I got a thinking face, then there it came…….. A Game of Thrones Cake.

As always for the one’s you love you pretty much leave things to the last minute.  I didn’t have that much time and wanted to make a cake close to the date.  So had to think of the best way of doing this.  “A cake topper – it had to be” for two reasons:

1. It would be easier to make the cakes seperately instead of turning the cake into the Throne and

2. I could keep the topper as a keepsake.

I had a week to go and I still hadn’t made the throne.  Up until the night before, I was sitting patiently strip by strip (with my headphones on) putting together the Throne.


As you see, strand by strand each sword was cut, each little button and handle was added to shape the swords. It was a very fiddly job but seeing it come together was amazing.

When the final touch of a lick of silver paint was coated on each blade was applied it looked what can i say – fantastic!  He loved it but secretly I think I loved it more.

Placing the topper on the cake which was simply covered in a marble looking fondant and a red drip really highlighted the theme of this cake.

GOT cake

The best bit about this cake is not cutting through the hours of your creation, but simply taking the Throne off, putting it aside and slicing, serving and devouring every piece of this Chocolate Mud Cherry Ripe Cake with our family.

So…. if you want your own Throne, you know where to come.

x Lana

15 Nov

Christmas 2018

Well my favourite time of year is here again.  Carols playing in the background while the Pastry Lane kitchen fills with the smell of spices such as ginger, cinnamon, cloves.  And so the baking begins.

This year we are doing the traditional Gingerbread houses in various sizes and handmade with no production work going on here.  Every house has its unique little touch bringing with it the love in every piece.

Gingerbread house houses

The above house on the left is my large gingerbread house with approximate size of 25cm wide and tall. Its been decorated with red, white and green detail all individually piped .  A tree sits on the side of the house.  Makes a perfect gift when visiting friends at Christmas time and a beautiful table centerpiece sitting on a cake stand. Price is $60

The picture on the right contains two smaller houses.  One is in a 10cm clear box and the other in a 12cmx16cm box.  Both are decorated in the same fashion and prices are $15 & $20.

Gingerbread display biscuits

To top off for the little kidlets, I have made gorgeous little gingerbread men and hous biscuits. These are very popular for gift giving to little friends, school gifts for both children and teachers.  Why not try using as place cards for the lunch table.  They are $7 each.

For any queries, bulk orders contact me via my contact page.  Orders close Dec 12th.

That’s the Pastry Lane range for now but try keep me out of the kitchen.  Stay tuned to what else i may bring……

Merry Christmas to you and your families.  Enjoy the simple things…….friend and family xx

29 May

Dessert Table – Huntingdale Golf Club

Many apologies but it was been quite a while since I’ve blogged last.  So need to get on top of this blogging thing.

Let me keep you updated on my last week.  Well it has been a busy one!  Two birthdays and a dessert table for a 50th.  Let me start with the 50th booked by a lovely customer for her husbands 50th Birthday celebration.  Gorgeous venue…beautiful day and after stepping away from the dessert table I had just set up, I was feeling content with the way it all looked.

IMG_3672 IMG_3669

The Cake was a two tier cake. Bottom tier Chocolate Mud, top tier Whole Orange Cake.  All covered with Chocolate Buttercream with handmade golf toppers to decorate.

IMG_3666 IMG_3667

To complete the table, also requested were

  • Oreo Cupcakes covered in vanilla buttercream and crushed Oreos.
  • Chocolate Espresso Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream & Glazed Strawberries
  • Lime & Yogurt Cakes with Lime Buttercream and handmade golf tee
  • Sticky Date Puddings with glazed butterscotch sauce.
  • Chocolate Melting Moments (hiding under the cake platter)
  • Galaktoboureko (Semolina custard slice) (hiding on the table)

IMG_3668 IMG_3670

I thank my lovely customer for giving me the opportunity to create these delights and having me present this to her family for their special occasion.

x Lana

28 Aug

Dessert Table

Delighted to make these desserts for a 21st Birthday Celebration this weekend.

Where a cake wasn’t needed for this party, instead having a Dessert Table full of various sweet treats made for a beautiful display.  The best part is that its edible. This table was made up of the following delicious desserts.

The rosette buttercream cupcakes – Vanilla Cupcakes with Champagne Buttercream.

The cupcakes top left – Whole Orange Cakes with Orange Buttercream with sugar flower.

Chocolate Cupcakes – with Vanilla Buttercream and a Glazed Strawberry.

Lime & Pistachio Cakes – with Lime Buttercream, pistachios and rose petals.

Macarons – Passionfruit Buttercream Macarons & Turkish Delight Macarons.

Raspberry & Passionfruit Frangipane Tarts.

IMG_2204 IMG_2205

IMG_2206 IMG_2197

IMG_2194 IMG_2199


Did I say I loved making these.  These were packaged beautifully in their boxes for their delivery.  As a thank you, I attached chalkboard labels for each item.

Dessert tables are so my thing!!

Lana x

05 Aug

Girly Biscuits!!

When I had the request of making these biscuits for a dear friend, I was thrilled. Don’t get me wrong. They were very fiddly but they were so enjoyable and rewarding to make.

Started off with my favourite biscuit recipe and cut out my shapes.  After they had baked and cooled down it was time to colour my fondant and start one style at a time.

After hours….. they were all done. Colourful and all with their own personality.

IMG_1900  IMG_1903  IMG_1902  IMG_1901

They were each individually packed in cellophane bags and tied with ribbon ready for my customer to give as gifts for her daughters birthday to all her little friends at school.  Well that’s a little special I’d say!

Which is your favourite?


Lana x


04 Jul

Personalised Photo Cake

IMG_1201                    IMG_1223

LOVED making this cake!  Especially because it was for a very special person in my life. My husband.  What to make for his birthday cake this year? Then it dawned on me.  He loves riding his bike so why incorporate that into his cake. I went one up on that and took a photo we had and had it printed on wafer paper.

This method of cake wraps can add that special, personal touch to a cake.  The finished product was beautiful.  It was something special to him and was more that just a cake.  It was a cake made JUST for him.

Forgot to mention the cake: Whole Orange Cake with Dark Chocolate Ganache.  Covered in fondant and wrapped with the edible print.

Why not add your special touch to your next occasion cake?

Lana x

11 Jun

My Floral Cupcakes


Loved making these cupcakes for Mothers Day.  Not only because I love flowers but they look so feminine, dainty, colourful and vibrant making them a beautiful gift for giving to a special person to cheer up their day.

These are my classic moist cupcakes with vanilla buttercream (who can resist these classic flavours). After spending a few hours making these bright flowers, I used them to adorn my cupcakes.  They would’ve been great just packaged in their own little clear boxes but I decided to make a pot plant bouquet out of them.

Six cupcakes in every pot with matching but paler tissue paper to soften the look.  When they were wrapped with clear cellophane, they were PERFECT for gift giving.  My mum and mother in law were the lucky recipients of these beauties. (yes I did leave some extras for myself to sample. I too am a mum after all.

Lana x