16 Apr

Coming up to 2 years….. Pastry Lane!

Dessert Table featuring Orange & Poppyseed Ombre Ruffle Cake

Dessert Table featuring Orange & Poppyseed Ombre Ruffle Cake


It’s nearly the 2nd year anniversary of Pastry Lane. So much has happenned since then and so much have i learned. I’ve always had that little knack of making cakes and not usually fearful of the making side of things but it was always the execution I worried about.  In my 2 years if not more, I have been to a few classes, learnt heaps on-line and of course practice, practice, practice. Now so much more confident and loving it.


Of course you never learn everything right away. Each cake brings on a new challenge. New decorating methods, new sugar fondant embelishments and techniques.


I thought I’d share with you my first Pastry Lane cake. It was for a dear friend of mine and my daughters who was to celebrate her 18th Birthday. Just starting off my dream business, my friend not only ordered the birthday cake but many dessert items from my dessert menu to complete her dessert table for her guests.

There were Vanilla and Rosewater Cupcakes, Lemon Curd Crumble Tartlets, Mini Vanilla Tiered Tower Biscuits, Macarons.


Very excitedly and appreciative I set out on the day to deliver my baked goods to go on her dessert table for the party.  What a great job they did!


I was very thankful to her for giving me that positive start as I had just set off to make Pastry Lane become my lifelong dream come true.

x Lana


26 Jul

Novelty Kids Cakes

This week I worked on two cakes that were made for two special little girls in my life. Two of my nieces. One was a Minions cake as I knew she was so into minions this year and the other was having a Disco Party with her friends.

Minions…. I knew nothing about these little characters apart from the fact that I wanted to make her this cake. I sat up one night determined to start making my minions out of fondant.  Initially I was a little spooked by creating these little creatures. So many bits and parts and tiny circles for their eyes but the more I worked on them, the more I loved making them. I decided to give each one a candle to hold. Nine candles for the birthday girl.



Next I worked on the cake. Made up of two tiers. The bottom 8″tier was Banana Mud Cake. Absolutely delicious! Next tier was a more grown up flavour. Whole Orange Cake. All with layers of dark chocolate ganache. On the top of the cake sat a wedge of cake decorated as a wedge. Nine Minions then positioned themselves nicely around the cake whilst holding their candles. Fondant macarons also decorated this cake.

I was more than happy with my finished cake but what made all the difference was the excitement on my nieces face when she saw it. That’s priceless!

IMG_5047 IMG_5050 IMG_5042


Next was the Disco cake for my other gorgeous niece. Her party was spectacular with disco lighting, glittery balls and glitter shoes for the birthday girl. Working on her cake as funky. Full of colour, stripes and glitters. The cake board was turned into a disco floor with squares of coloured fondant and glitters sprinkled all over it.


I cut out silhouette template of all the disco dancers then used them to cut out my fondant. Fiddly work but worked a treat. Sugar flowers decorated my top tier along with tiny rounds of fondant generously sprinkled with edible glitters placed all over the cake to give it that sparkly disco effect. Right on the very top I placed a disco ball.  Looked absolutely gorgeous on the cake table alongside fairy lights.

IMG_5101 IMG_5104

23 Jun

Corporate Table Presentation


Today I worked on cupcakes perfect for a dessert table or corporate dessert table for an afternoon tea.  Couldn’t decide whether they all should get topped with buttercream or not. Well I decided against it and gave some a good coating of icing. An alternative to something not too sweet if ever that is a problem.

In front of the display I have Lemon & Coconut Cakes topped with lemon icing and a thyme sprig with a sugar flower.

Then there are Ginger Cakes topped with Maple, Cinnamon & Orange Buttercream and a slice of crystallised ginger.

Behind those beauties are Yogurt, Cardamon & Orange Blossom Cakes with Orange Blossom icing and pomegranate.

If all that is not enough, hiding in the background are Chocolate Cupcakes with White Chocolate & Rose Buttercream or Lime Buttercream.



10 Jun

Rainbow Cake

This is one of my favourite cakes. It’s my “Beth”Cake.

Made for my gorgeous little goddaughters 1st Birthday Party. It has been made with layers on colourful vanilla cake and formed into a checkerboard pattern. Tricky but effective.

If you’d like to know my method, I’d only be too happy to supply with template picture of how to put it together.

"Beth" Colourful Checkerboard Cake


There is my cake!  Sprinkles, coloured layers and persian fairy floss. Perfect for a little girls birthday. Wouldn’t you say?

Rainbow Cake

02 Feb

Feb-March Free Offer

Welcome to the New Year although it is already February. Hope it is a great one for us all.

Ahead lies another year of Birthdays, Celebrations and happy times. To give you that something a little extra, Pastry Lane is offering you a bonus dessert…….

For the month of February and March with any cake ordered to the value of $200 or more you will recieve 12 cupcakes decorated with buttercream for free.


In order to claim this offer, please place orders via my contact page or email me on lana@pastrylane.com.au and mention “cupcake offer” to get this offer.  Orders must be placed at least 2 weeks prior to required date.


Lana x



30 Nov

Christmas Gingerbread House

Its so getting closer to Christmas. Alongside my Macaron Boxes, Christmas is never complete at my place without a Gingerbread House waiting to be pulled apart on Christmas Day with the family. This year I’ve made my favourite Gingerbread recipe as decorated my house in pinks and greens. Just love that pastel combination.  I’ve also made some mini Gingerbread Houses that fit into 10cm clear boxes. Perfect for that little but special handmade gift.

Christmas Macarons Gift Box - Cherry, Spearmint, Chocolate

Gingerbread House1Gingerbread House2Gingerbread House3

Gingerbread Houses Mini


05 Nov

Christmas 2014

My favourite time of year……..Christmas!   This year I’m working on the things I love to give, to eat and to make. I’m hoping to make a few Christmas Gift for you to enjoy for yourself or to give as a gift at this beautiful time of year.

Here I’ve put together a gift box of Christmas Macarons. Chewy almond based biscuits sandwiched together with scented buttercreams make for a delicious sweet fix.

Maraschino Cherry, Spearmint and Chocolate……….YUM

Stay tuned for more Christmas treats

x Pastry LaneChristmas Macaron

11 Sep

Corporate Dessert Catering

Small Corporate Display


Now offering Dessert Catering to Corporate Businesses for Morning/Afteroon Teas and Special Occasions.

Been wanting to do this for ages! Now I can supply my customers with some beautiful looking and delicious desserts for their teas and special occassions such as monthly birthday celebrations, company announcements and milestones, Christmas parties etc.  I’m working on some menu plans which I will be posting on my website shortly for you to choose from.

The above display was only a small setting for a boardroom meeting. I supplied my boards which sat in the middle of the boardroom table and looked too good to eat but at the same time irresistable.   This display was (from top) Moist Whole Orange Cakes, Rich Chocolate & Rosemary Cakes and Yogurt & Cardamon Cakes. YUM!!!

02 Sep

Daffodil Day Cupcakes

Daffodil day cupcakes


It was Daffodil day on Friday 22nd August this year.  These were the cupcakes I made and sent in with my husband to his work for afternoon tea to show we care about anyone affected by cancer.  They were vanilla cupcakes filled with homemade lemon curd and piped with lemon buttercream.  I sat down the eve before they were due and made these gorgeous sugar daffodils. They were quite easy and weirdly relaxing to make.  Finished them off with some leaves and dusted them all with silver petal dust.

20 Aug

Orange Season

I’ve just said goodbye to mandarins growing in my garden. But thankfully I have a tree full of oranges. I just love citrus fruit. They make the most beautiful desserts. Well with an abundance of oranges then I’ve set out on a bit of a baking day. Well just a bit!!!

One of my most flavoursome cakes that I just love is my Whole Orange Cake. This cake can be dressed up for an occasion with layers of white chocolate ganache and decorated beautifully with open sugar roses or used simply as a dessert with a simple orange icing and off course decorated again with sugar blossoms, or drowned with orange syrup with a hint of orange blossom and candied oranges.

Oranges blog2

My son just loves Orange Segments. So I thought I’d make these especially for him. But of course we all get to enjoy them. Sliced finely, they were simmered in a syrup infused with coriander seeds and orange blossom water. Once cooked and cooled, they were dipped in dark couverture chocolate and ready to eat.  Can’t beat a simple sweet indulgence to beat that sugar craving!

Oranges blog

Oh so many more things I can think of to use up these oranges……..Let me have a cup of tea and a slice of Orange Cake to have a better think !!!     x Lana