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01 Mar

Easter Macarons 2019

Well getting Easter ready!!  Macarons3

Macarons have always been a popular Pastry Lane product.  Most people so do not like making them, but after a bit, (well quite a bit of practice I don’t find them daunting anymore.  It’s just a about getting the consistency just that tiny bit perfect.

I will post on my instagram stories shortly more shots of me making them.

In the meantime, I have sourced some different boxes although not your traditional macaron boxes I still love them.  They house 8 macarons, 4 different flavours, which are to die for.  My family has approved all as they are my harshest critics and if they say they are great, they are GREAT.

Turkish Delight, Lemon (with real lemon zest, Chocolate & Cinnamon, Pistachio with real homemade pistachio paste.  So you get 2 flavours of each.

If you prefer the clear boxes where you can see your goodies inside, I have those available too.  They both contain same flavours & quantities.


If you have any questions, please contact me via my contact page or via FB or insta.

Lana x

Macarons1 Macarons2

06 Jan

New to 2019 – Dessert Platters

Bringing in the New Year always makes you think on new and prosperous resolutions and reflections of the year that was.  My year was an interesting one and one that has inspired me to focus on Pastry Lane even more so.  Having visited some beautiful places this year like Thessalonika, Athens and Santorini in Greece and Paris and all that it has to offer (well not all, but tasted some beautiful sweets and visited some inspiring places) I’d come back home ready to continue doing what I love and taking Pastry Lane on it’s own little adventure.


This year Pastry Lane would like to start serving up Dessert Platters.  What does this mean? Well it’s presenting my sweets based upon your order on beautiful boards all ready for you to share with your family and friends for celebrations and special occasions. No preparation required by you at all.  Your board or platter will be ready displayed with sweets, flowers or fresh fruit, wrapped in cellophane for beautiful presentation.

Some are displayed below.  A minimum of 3 different desserts have more of a WOW factor than a single dessert but still possible. Boards are hired out with desserts and full refund on board once returned.

PL pic2 PL pic3 PL pic4

Picture 1: Lemon Blondies

Picture 2: Almond & Glace Ginger Tart, Rhubarb & Ginger Cake, Raspberry Shortbread

Picture 3: Nutella Brownies, Carrot Cakes with Lemon Icing


I hope you are just as excited as I am about receiving or taking a platter like this to your guests as a gift or showcasing your purchased desserts to your guests in this fashion.

So next time you think of hosting a party, think of Pastry Lane desserts and the service of providing your desserts all ready for you, displayed beautifully for you to make your WOW statement.


Until I hear from you then, enjoy!

x Lana

16 Apr

Coming up to 2 years….. Pastry Lane!

Dessert Table featuring Orange & Poppyseed Ombre Ruffle Cake

Dessert Table featuring Orange & Poppyseed Ombre Ruffle Cake


It’s nearly the 2nd year anniversary of Pastry Lane. So much has happenned since then and so much have i learned. I’ve always had that little knack of making cakes and not usually fearful of the making side of things but it was always the execution I worried about.  In my 2 years if not more, I have been to a few classes, learnt heaps on-line and of course practice, practice, practice. Now so much more confident and loving it.


Of course you never learn everything right away. Each cake brings on a new challenge. New decorating methods, new sugar fondant embelishments and techniques.


I thought I’d share with you my first Pastry Lane cake. It was for a dear friend of mine and my daughters who was to celebrate her 18th Birthday. Just starting off my dream business, my friend not only ordered the birthday cake but many dessert items from my dessert menu to complete her dessert table for her guests.

There were Vanilla and Rosewater Cupcakes, Lemon Curd Crumble Tartlets, Mini Vanilla Tiered Tower Biscuits, Macarons.


Very excitedly and appreciative I set out on the day to deliver my baked goods to go on her dessert table for the party.  What a great job they did!


I was very thankful to her for giving me that positive start as I had just set off to make Pastry Lane become my lifelong dream come true.

x Lana