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20 Aug

Orange Season

I’ve just said goodbye to mandarins growing in my garden. But thankfully I have a tree full of oranges. I just love citrus fruit. They make the most beautiful desserts. Well with an abundance of oranges then I’ve set out on a bit of a baking day. Well just a bit!!!

One of my most flavoursome cakes that I just love is my Whole Orange Cake. This cake can be dressed up for an occasion with layers of white chocolate ganache and decorated beautifully with open sugar roses or used simply as a dessert with a simple orange icing and off course decorated again with sugar blossoms, or drowned with orange syrup with a hint of orange blossom and candied oranges.

Oranges blog2

My son just loves Orange Segments. So I thought I’d make these especially for him. But of course we all get to enjoy them. Sliced finely, they were simmered in a syrup infused with coriander seeds and orange blossom water. Once cooked and cooled, they were dipped in dark couverture chocolate and ready to eat.  Can’t beat a simple sweet indulgence to beat that sugar craving!

Oranges blog

Oh so many more things I can think of to use up these oranges……..Let me have a cup of tea and a slice of Orange Cake to have a better think !!!     x Lana