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The Dessert Menu at Pastry Lane has been created to give you the opportunity to see the types of desserts I have to offer. I am forever experimenting and coming up with new desserts so if there’s ever something you’d like that I don’t have on my list, feel free to contact me.

My desserts on this list are available for individual sale, in minimum amounts specified below. These items will soon be available on my shopping cart. In the meantime, please contact me via my Contact Page if you have any questions or orders.

If you are interested in a complete Dessert Table, I can work with you to come up with a menu to suit and also incorporate other customised sweets for your special occasion.


Occassional Cakes for Birthdays, Celebrations will be individually quoted upon request. Please contact me via my Contact page for enquiries.



Dark Chocolate Mud Cakes – 12 small cakes – $60

Rich Chocolate Mud Cakes covered in a dark chocolate ganache and decorated with a handmade fondant rose


White Chocolate & Vanilla Fudge Cakes – 12 small cakes – $60

Fudgy Vanilla Bean Cakes covered in white chocolate ganache, decorated with a white and black rose handmade fondant rose


Chocolate and Rosemary Cakes – 12 small cakes – $50

Dark Chocolate Cakes lightly fragrant with Rosemary with layers of buttercream and garnished with a purple sugar flower and rosemary sprigs


Chocolate Ganache Tarts Sprinkled with Salt  – 12 small tarts – $50

Homemade short pastry filled with chocolate ganache and sprinkled with pink sea salt



Raspberry and Passionfruit Frangipane Tart – 1 rectangular tart – $40

Blueberry and Lemon Frangipane Tart – 1 rectangular tart – $40

Strawberry and Passionfruit Patissiere Cream filled Tart  – $45

Date and Lemon Crumble Tart – 1 rectangular tart – $40

Lemon Curd and Crumble Tart – 1 rectangular tart – $40



Orange, Yogurt and Cardamon Cakes – 12 small cakes – $50

Orange cakes, lightly spiced with Cardamon and topped with an Orange Blossom Glaze and decorated with a sugar flower


Whole Orange Cakes – 12 small cakes – $50

Moist cakes made with whole oranges and coconut, encased in orange icing or buttercream and decorated with pale orange coloured sugar flower


Blood Orange Cakes – 12 small cakes (seasonal) – $50

Almond based blood orange cake with olive oil. Moist and light. Glazed in blood orange syrup and candied blood oranges


Lemon Crumble Tartlets – 1 whole 8″tart or 12 tartlets – $50

Lemon Curd filled Crumble Tartlets


Lime and Yogurt Cakes – 12 small cakes – $50

Moist yogurt cakes with lime zest and covered in a lime icing with violet sugar flower


Lime and Pistachio Cakes – 12 small cakes – $50

A Gluten Free Lime cake with pistachio meal, glazed with a honey drizzle,

topped with roasted crushed pistachios and dried rose petals


Carrot Cakes – 12 small cakes – $50

Moist carrot cakes with orange zest, spices and walnuts with a lemon buttercream



Baklava – 20 pieces – $60

Layers of filo pastry with a nut spiced filling covered in an orange, cinnamon syrup


Greek Walnut Cakes – 10″ round cake  – $50

Spiced Cake with walnut pieces and drowned in a cinnamon syrup


Kourambiedes – 30 biscuits – $65

Greek shortbread biscuits with roast almonds in a crescent shaped, dusted with icing sugar


Revani – Lemon Semolina Cake  – 10″ round cake  – $50

Lemon Semolina Cake with a lemon syrup and sprinkled with coconut


GalaktobourekoGreek Custard Pie – 10″ round pie cut into diamonds – $60

Creamy semolina custard encased in crispy filo pastry and covered with an orange syrup



Minimum of 12 cupcakes per order


Rosewater and Strawberry Cupcakes  – $50

Rosewater and Vanilla Cupcakes, covered in a light rosewater buttercream and decorated with a glazed strawberry


Vanilla and Rosewater Cupcakes with White Chocolate Buttercream – $50

Vanilla cupcakes with a light scent of rosewater and covered in white chocolate buttercream


Vanilla and Raspberry Cupcakes – $50

Vanilla Cupcakes with raspberries, covered in a raspberry buttercream swirl and sugar flowers


Cookies & Cream Cupcakes – $50

Vanilla Cupcakes with crushed oreos, covered in an oreo buttercream and decorated with a mini oreo and sugar flower


Lemon Cupcakes – $50

Lemon Cupcakes with a light lemon buttercream and yellow sugar flower


Chocolate Espresso Cupcakes – $50

Chocolate Cupcakes with an espresso buttercream and garnished with chocolate leaves


Vanilla Cupcakes with Champagne Buttercream – $48

Vanilla bean Cupcakes decorated with a swirl of buttercream with Champagne and decorated with an ivory sugar flower


Fondant Cupcakes –  Price depending on detail of work

Your choice of cupcake flavour (vanilla, chocolate, lemon) decorated with royal or fondant icing and decorated to suit your theme

The list goes on….

Too many cupcakes to mention. If there’s a cupcake you don’t see, email me for a request.

I can decorate in any theme you like. I also make handmade sugar flowers and other decorations.



Minimum of 20 macarons per flavour  – $60


Chocolate Macarons with Chocolate Hazelnut Ganache

Chocolate Macarons with Dark Chocolate Ganache

Musk Macarons  Pink macarons filled with musk buttercream

Turkish Delight Macarons  Pink macarons filled with a rose buttercream and a slice of Turkish delight

Cherry Ripe Macarons Red macarons filled with cherry chocolate ganache

Spearmint Macarons Light green macarons filled with spearmint chocolate ganache

Lime and Ginger Macarons Light Green Macarons with and Lime Buttercream Ganache with Ginger and Lime Marmalade

Strawberries and Cream Macarons Light pink macarons filled with vanilla buttercream and strawberry jam

Salted Caramel Macarons Caramel macarons filled with salted caramel buttercream

Rice Pudding Macarons Cream macarons dusted with cinnamon and filled with cinnamon buttercream

Nut Free Macarons Made with no nut product and can be made in any of above flavours.

This is a small range of the many flavours of macarons available. I’m constantly changing macaron flavours which is why there are many flavours not on this list.  If there’s a flavour you don’t see, email me for a request through my contact page



Minimum of 20 cookies                 Prices start from $3.50 per iced cookie

Cookies can be packaged in clear bag with ribbon for an additional cost

 Many cookie shapes to choose from. Please email me to discuss your request.


Cake Pops – minimum of 12 pops                                          Price depends on detail of work

Vanilla or Chocolate cake pops covered in chocolate and decorated depending of theme.




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