11 Apr

Game of Thrones Cake

As I sit here typing I can see a Throne sitting pretty on my wire cake stand. This prompted me to share with you the creation of my son’s birthday cake.  He is an avid GOT (Game of Thrones) fan so when I asked him “What cake would you like for your birthday this year?” I got a thinking face, then there it came…….. A Game of Thrones Cake.

As always for the one’s you love you pretty much leave things to the last minute.  I didn’t have that much time and wanted to make a cake close to the date.  So had to think of the best way of doing this.  “A cake topper – it had to be” for two reasons:

1. It would be easier to make the cakes seperately instead of turning the cake into the Throne and

2. I could keep the topper as a keepsake.

I had a week to go and I still hadn’t made the throne.  Up until the night before, I was sitting patiently strip by strip (with my headphones on) putting together the Throne.


As you see, strand by strand each sword was cut, each little button and handle was added to shape the swords. It was a very fiddly job but seeing it come together was amazing.

When the final touch of a lick of silver paint was coated on each blade was applied it looked what can i say – fantastic!  He loved it but secretly I think I loved it more.

Placing the topper on the cake which was simply covered in a marble looking fondant and a red drip really highlighted the theme of this cake.

GOT cake

The best bit about this cake is not cutting through the hours of your creation, but simply taking the Throne off, putting it aside and slicing, serving and devouring every piece of this Chocolate Mud Cherry Ripe Cake with our family.

So…. if you want your own Throne, you know where to come.

x Lana

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