26 Jul

Novelty Kids Cakes

This week I worked on two cakes that were made for two special little girls in my life. Two of my nieces. One was a Minions cake as I knew she was so into minions this year and the other was having a Disco Party with her friends.

Minions…. I knew nothing about these little characters apart from the fact that I wanted to make her this cake. I sat up one night determined to start making my minions out of fondant.  Initially I was a little spooked by creating these little creatures. So many bits and parts and tiny circles for their eyes but the more I worked on them, the more I loved making them. I decided to give each one a candle to hold. Nine candles for the birthday girl.



Next I worked on the cake. Made up of two tiers. The bottom 8″tier was Banana Mud Cake. Absolutely delicious! Next tier was a more grown up flavour. Whole Orange Cake. All with layers of dark chocolate ganache. On the top of the cake sat a wedge of cake decorated as a wedge. Nine Minions then positioned themselves nicely around the cake whilst holding their candles. Fondant macarons also decorated this cake.

I was more than happy with my finished cake but what made all the difference was the excitement on my nieces face when she saw it. That’s priceless!

IMG_5047 IMG_5050 IMG_5042


Next was the Disco cake for my other gorgeous niece. Her party was spectacular with disco lighting, glittery balls and glitter shoes for the birthday girl. Working on her cake as funky. Full of colour, stripes and glitters. The cake board was turned into a disco floor with squares of coloured fondant and glitters sprinkled all over it.


I cut out silhouette template of all the disco dancers then used them to cut out my fondant. Fiddly work but worked a treat. Sugar flowers decorated my top tier along with tiny rounds of fondant generously sprinkled with edible glitters placed all over the cake to give it that sparkly disco effect. Right on the very top I placed a disco ball.  Looked absolutely gorgeous on the cake table alongside fairy lights.

IMG_5101 IMG_5104

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